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For over forty years The Central Ontario 4x4 Club has existed to be a group of individuals dedicated to recreation and off road vehicle use.  The Club runs throughout the year with summer events such as weekend trail rides and campouts. In the winter we have various social events to stay in touch and have fun.

This is not a club for specific types of vehicles. We welcome all sorts of vehicles from stock to modified rigs of all kinds. There have been quite a number of trucks (and cars!!) over the years that have been very unique. As long as it provides power to more than one set of wheels, has low range on it and has enough bottom clearance to drive off the pavement, it's good. Our member's experience level also ranges from the absolute beginner to those with years and years of guiding on the trails. Mostly we ride in stock to lightly modified trucks and specialize in helping beginners learn the capabilities of their vehicle.

The Club stands by the Tread Lightly philosophy in an effort to preserve and work with areas so we may return again. We promote safe four-wheeling for both the participants and environment and believe that when using a trail, you should leave nothing behind and take only memories with you. Club members believe strongly in the sport and are determined to keep promoting its safe and responsible aspects.

If you are interested in joining our club, download an application and click on the info link at the top right to be informed.


Sep 1, 2014
Category: General
Posted by: webmaster

We would like to to enhance the web site and have a few ideas on more content. What we need is feedback. From you!! Tell us anything you think should be on our site. Tell us what you don't like too. We really would like to have a website that is helpful and contributed to by members. The CO4x4 Club website is maintained by club members donating their time. Please be nice and give it some time. A reply will be sent to confirm to you that we received your comments and will try to accommodate requests as best as possible. Send an email to webmaster@co4x4.com. Your input is appreciated!!

Nov 1, 2013
Category: Events
Posted by: webmaster

The events page will be updated to reflect events the club hosts or is of interest to it's members. Those taking place within a few months will be on the Events page. After the date is past, it will be moved to an Archive section.
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